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Northern California Title Company is committed to providing its customers with high quality services which respond to the real estate related needs of people of Tehama County. Our commitment to professionalism and quality has made Northern California Title Company a business leader in the community. Northern California Title Company is a member of the American Land Title Association as well as the California Land Title Association. Northern California Title Company is authorized to issue policies from both associations.

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Northern California Title Company was incorporated March 1, 1961 and licensed by the California State Department of Insurance on September 16, 1965 license #163. Northern California Title is the only locally owned and operated full-service title and escrow company in Tehama County. We are underwritten by First American Title Insurance Company and Stewart Title Guarantee Company, two of the largest Title Insurance Companies in the Nation. With Northern California Title Company, you can be assured local home town service with the security of national insurers.

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Tehama County Title Insurance

Working with a local and knowledgeable escrow and title insurance company helps ensure smooth real estate transactions.

What is Title Insurance?

When a property is financed, bought or sold, a record of that transaction is generally filed in public archives. Likewise, records of other events that may affect the ownership of a property, like liens or levies, are also archived.

When you buy title insurance for your property, we search these records to find – and remedy, if possible – several types of ownership issues. First, the title company searches public records to determine the property’s ownership. After this search, the underwriter will determine the insurability of the title.

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Tehama County Escrow Services

To convey a property from a seller to a buyer, or encumber a property with a new mortgage, Northern California Title Company provides escrow and settlement services as a neutral third party to the transaction. They then act upon the instructions of the principals which may be requested to coordinate key tasks such as:

  • Deposit and disburse funds
  • Process and coordinate the flow of documents and funds
  • Keep all parties informed of progress to the escrow
  • Respond to the lender’s requirements
  • Coordinate the signing of loan/closing documents
  • Prorate and adjust insurance, taxes, rents, etc.
  • Record the deed and loan documents
  • Prepares a final statement outlining funds received and to be disbursed in the transaction